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Finance for Non-Financial Business Owners

Who You Are

You are a small business owner, or non-finance professional, who doesn’t have accounting skills and wants to learn how to read and understand financial statements. You want to gain the knowledge to view your company from a financial perspective, learn how to read Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss account, and Cash Flow statement, drive your business in a right way with lights.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand financial reports, including annual reports
  • Manage Businesses’ revenue, costs, profit and cash
  • Use new financial knowledge to make more effective business decisions
  • Understand and use specific financial vocabulary

It’s a 8- hours program developed to help small business owners to manage their businesses and control the numbers. This program was developed by professional accountants, who run small businesses and know your needs.

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If You’re Ready to Learn Your Business from the Financial Prospective…

Individual income tax return form

Quickbooks for Small Business Owners

You are a small business owner, you love what you are doing, and your business just started. You are happy to hire accountant to do bookkeeping for your, but you can not afford it yet. You want to do bookkeeping yourself to save money on a bookkeeping service. You purchased Quickbooks, an accounting software, but…”a little bit lost…” in fact, have thousands of questions and not sure what you are doing right or wrong. You definitely need some help and training to understand how QuickBooks works, or maybe to learn some bookkeeping foundations.

We offer private, QuickBook Training customized specifically for your needs.

Toward Success

You are within the first few years of starting your business. You’re smart, motivated, have a lot to offer your clients and love what you do.

Your biggest challenge is right now is getting a lot more clients consistently, build effective networking communication and make more money.

The “Towards success” program is developed to help you with Marketing skills.

Business Accounting and Finance Concept

We train you step by step How to attract clients and focus on the results. This is a 21-hours program. You will be a part of the group of people like you, small business owners, where you learn very important marketing techniques. This marketing program was developed by the entrepreneurs based on the real experiences. It’s a priceless!
“An Entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down”


You are a small business owner and you go through a lot of challenges. Sometime you feel lost and frustrated, you have sleepless nights, you are not sure how to attract more clients, what is your next step. You don’t feel support from others, it seems like people around you don’t understand your problems and you are losing your confidence. You want to stop thinking about fears not getting enough money to pay your bills, monthly rent and payroll to your employees… You feel lost, frustrated, stacked !!!

The Mindset program is developed to help Entrepreneurs to get back confidence, think bigger, increase your belief in self, develop an abundant mindset. You will stretch your vision of what’s possible for your business.

Mindset programs:

  • How to attract money?
  • Let your fears go!
  • Nothing is impossible!

Business Accounting and Finance Concept

What your challenges tend to be

You know taxes have to be done, but you want to save money on a tax preparer service. Accounting and Tax companies charge a high price for it and you don’t want to pay so much. So you decide to do tax return yourself. At some point you realize it creates some stress in your life and you are not sure if it is done correctly or not. There is a risk of errors. By filling without assistance, you and you alone will be 100 percent accountable for your tax return.You don’t know what you don’t know. You start seeking advice from a professional tax preparer.

Handsome Tax Manager

What to expect from us

When you sign up for our Tax service, you will get the following service:

  • You will be assigned your very own Tax Preparer, who will support and advice you consistently. Your Tax Preparer will keep you accountable to your taxes to do it professionally and faster than you would on your own.
  • We update you with the news, or any changes in Tax Legislation and we advice you about the impact of those changes on your tax return;
  • Completion and submission of government forms
  • We deal with any CRA requirements and audit on your behalf;
  • 30 minutes meeting with our tax expert to go through your numbers before the tax period starts,(short enough to easily fit into your schedule, but enough time to get what you need so you get tax returns quickly, you don’t feel overwhelmed and save money on your tax returns service).

Ready To Enrol And Get Results?

If you’re ready to control your numbers with the professional advice and support, then

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